Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary Completes $22 Million Campaign

Posted July 25, 2012 ·

The Challenge:  Dramatically Increase Annual Giving and Complete a $22 Million Campaign

Gonser Gerber was selected in 2007 to partner with Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary during only the second major comprehensive campaign in the Seminary’s history.  The Seminary shares that they selected Gonser Gerber based on the consultant’s discerned competence of genuine commitment to the Seminary’s cause.

Over the four years of consultation with Gonser Gerber, the Seminary raised $22 million toward the Seminary’s Higher Calling Campaign, which had as its core priority Scholarships for Excellence.  Prior to working with Gonser Gerber, the Seminary awarded seven flagship scholarships, totaling $102,000.  After a year of working with Gonser Gerber, the Seminary awarded 40 full Scholarships for Excellence, valued at $632,000.

Former Vice President for Seminary Relations, Dale Melton says, “Gonser Gerber made Louisville Seminary feel like its most important client, and that made a huge difference.  Not only did they help develop funds and relationships along the way, they strengthened the staff and helped ground our Funds Development program to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future.”

 “No one foresaw the economic collapse of 2008; no one could.  Having Gonser Gerber’s counsel enabled us to emerge on the other side stronger, more resilient, and well-positioned to enhance our vision into the future.  Our investment in Gonser Gerber was surpassed only by their investment in us.”

Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary