Asking Questions

If your aim is to be a high-quality, effective leader, ask your questions early.  Be genuinely curious.  Gather information.  Listen to understand perspectives and positions.  Empathize with different experiences.  Learn what you don’t know. And then, use what you’ve learned from others and their realities to offer solutions. Waiting until after a solution is offered…

The Donors We Inherit

Every advancement team inherits most of its donors.  You may be new to your role, or you may have been at your institution for years.  But the bulk of the donors you will engage have a giving history with your institution that precedes you. Percentage wise, a few of these inherited donors are exceptionally generous…

Becoming Better With Major Gifts

One reason it’s difficult to teach someone how to be a better major gifts professional is because it’s not about teaching specific words or phrases to use during an ask.  It’s not about teaching a particular process or formula to follow in order to prepare for asking a prospect for a major gift.  It’s not…

Creating a Planned Giving Program at Your Institution

On Demand Program
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This webinar will cover the critical elements to a planned giving program so that you can begin to identify potential prospects, discuss planned gift opportunities through a formalized process, develop dual or triple ask strategies, draft appropriate policies to count and manage these gifts, effectively steward planned gifts, and know when to seek legal advice.