Since 1950 we have helped our clients raise billions of dollars in charitable gifts and have positively transformed organizations in the process. Gonser Gerber is the nation’s first firm founded specifically to provide comprehensive advancement services to nonprofit organizations. Our founder, Thomas A. Gonser, a vice president at Northwestern University in the 1940s, pioneered the concept of advancement that is widely accepted today.

Our firm exists to help our clients realize their full potential. This requires a concerted and intentional effort on behalf of client institutions to analyze and then embrace their missions, crystallize their objectives, and take the necessary steps that are most likely to move the institutional vision to reality.

Now you can take advantage of more than three generations of experience in helping nonprofit organizations with advancement, development and strategic planning. Our Consulting Division has helped more than 650 colleges, universities, healthcare institutions, faith-based organizations and other nonprofits develop strategic plans, build their leadership, and attract the human and financial resources needed to become both more productive and successful.

Our philosophy is built around a simple concept: enable nonprofit organizations to achieve their full potential through personalized counsel and education.

Each Gonser Gerber consultant works closely with client leaders in helping them clarify and promote the distinctive mission of their organization. Our clients represent a diverse group of nonprofit organizations with varying missions that impact society and our world. To learn more about how we can help your institution achieve its highest destiny, please contact us today.

Gonser Gerber Innovations:

Gonser Gerber Distinctions:

  • Consultants who have held the highest positions in our industry
  • Holistic counsel that extends beyond the development team
  • Individually Crafted Relationships: Consultants as partners, educators, mentors, and confidants. A single, dedicated consultant for the length of the client engagement
  • Publish and distribute the Bulletin on Advancement one of the first and leading development educational newsletters for our industry, without charge
  • Gonser Gerber Institute – A faculty of experts offering customized workshops, broad-based conferences, webcasts, and publications on topics of import and interest

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