Our mission is to provide industry-leading advancement counsel and professional development so that each client reaches their highest destiny.

You Are The Focus

Your success is how we judge our success. From the outset of the working relationship, this means helping you achieve the results and outcomes you desire. It’s really everything we do for you. It begins with helping you focus on core fundamentals that allow you to create and implement mission-driven advancement programs.

Clarify and Promote Your Mission
Your mission defines the essence of your institution and provides focus and direction for your future. Sharing your mission broadly is vital for success. We work closely with your leadership to help clarify a distinctive mission and then to promote it.

Establish a Compelling Vision
With competition for each charitable gift dollar increasing, it is imperative that your institution creates a dynamic vision for the future. We work with you to ensure that the vision you establish will further your mission, inspire your staff, volunteers, and donors.

Choose a Strategic Direction
Your key internal and external constituencies will be heavily involved with formulating a strategic direction that results in clearly defined goals, objectives and action steps that will become the foundation for annual and multi-year advancement plans resulting in both growth and stability.

Accomplish Long-Term Results
Ultimately, your advancement program will be measured by its effectiveness in securing the human and financial resources needed to accomplish your goals and objectives. Helping you to achieve and even exceed expectations is how we measure our success.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the advancement consulting and professional development provider doing the most to positively enhance the philanthropic capacity and results for institutions.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

At Gonser Gerber, we believe that nonprofit organizations help promote the most virtuous of human impulses and that individuals, families, communities, and societies are strengthened through the collective efforts of the nonprofit sector. Since our founding in 1950, our firm has provided comprehensive advancement and leadership consulting services to educational, healthcare, human service, and other nonprofit organizations throughout North America.

Today, we remain dedicated to assisting those institutions and organizations which help those with need, serve the marginalized and disadvantaged, and make our world more educated, healthier, caring, generous, and equitable for the benefit of all.