Jason McNeal, Ph.D., Gonser Gerber partner, has provided advancement leadership to non-profit organizations for more than 20 years. Having served as the chief advancement officer at East Georgia College and Maryville College (TN), he also has consulted with institutions throughout the U.S. and Canada. Dr. McNeal has written extensively on key issues in non-profit fundraising and leadership including his blog that you can find at http://www.jasonmcneal.com.

Advancement During Our Global Crisis

In this special e-Bulletin, we are providing a collection of strategies, tactics and approaches you can employ during these difficult times. We also want you to be encouraged in your efforts during the coming weeks and months. For so many reasons, the important mission you serve has never been more needed and your work to advance that mission has never been more consequential.

Mission or Method

If your goal is to increase the amount of gift income you receive, you can: Ask new prospective donors to give for the first time; Ask past donors to give again; Ask current donors to give more. Those, really, are the only methods (or some combination of these 3) to increase gift income.  Developing plans…

Stop Engaging Your Donors. Do This Instead!

Go to any advancement, development, or fundraising conference today and you are sure to see it.  Peruse any blog, article, webinar, or workshop and you are certain to read and hear about it. Donor Engagement. As a professional, you are told to do more “donor engagement.”  Better “donor engagement,” so the advice guarantees, will lead…

Giving The Gift

We are now entering the most generous time of the year. The bulk of charitable gifts that will be given in 2018 will be given during the next 31 days. As you are working with donors to help them act with generosity, let me encourage you to re-frame your role in your own mind.