Gonser Gerber Advancement and Leadership Consultants

Now you can take advantage of more than three generations of experience in helping clients with advancement, development and strategic planning. Our Advancement and Leadership Consulting Division has helped more than 750 colleges, universities, healthcare institutions, faith-based institutions and other nonprofits develop strategic plans, build their leadership, and attract the human and financial resources needed to become both more productive and successful.

Comprehensive Advancement Solutions

Experience shows that you and your institution will achieve greater success when your leaders, volunteers and staff members all embrace a shared vision, plan strategically, and then implement best practices. The best approach, then, is to serve you as consultant only, strengthening the core competencies, abilities and knowledge of your institution’s leaders, staff members and key volunteers. We will help your team members better understand their roles; they will learn how to most productively use their time, and to adopt strategies, plans and techniques that will prove successful.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

At Gonser Gerber, we believe that nonprofit organizations help promote the most virtuous of human impulses and that individuals, families, communities, and societies are strengthened through the collective efforts of the nonprofit sector. Since our founding in 1950, our firm has provided comprehensive advancement and leadership consulting services to educational, healthcare, human service, and other nonprofit organizations throughout North America.

Today, we remain dedicated to assisting those institutions and organizations which help those with need, serve the marginalized and disadvantaged, and make our world more educated, healthier, caring, generous, and equitable for the benefit of all.